ITCares‘ mission is to develop innovative and user-friendly “mobile” applications and web portals to improve the user’s quality of life.
This innovative start-up may rely on the skills of people experts in accessibility and sensitive to the needs of the disabled, especially blind and partially sighted people.
A significant social impact, tangible utility and information democracy are the main characteristics of each project.

Our skills

We design innovative and easy to use tools to improve the lives of people who use them.

Web and Mobile applications

ITCares specializes in the creation of web portals, Android and iOS mobile solutions, for both B2C and B2B scenarios.


ITCares’ team is made of people who care for the needs of disabled people.
Our solutions are designed to be used by everyone.


ITCares uses new technologies to create products that are easy to use and useful for end users.
Innovation is the cornerstone of our company vision.

Great news

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Our Team

Meet the professionals who believe in the ITCares project.

Luca Ciaffoni

Co-Founder, Java Architect - Accessibility Expert

Since his degree Luca has been interested in the development of solutions for blind and visually impaired people. He has been working for many years in one of the best assistive technology centers in Italy, collaborating on projects regarding software and web sites accessibility.
He’s in charge for the backend development and accessibility assessment of the apps.

He developed the Ariadne GPS app, an application to help people who are blind to move independently. The app was very successful and Apple featured it in the 2012 WWDC keynote promotional video.

He loves traveling, sea and sailing.
When he is not working at his desk he is probably sailing on the waves of the Adriatic sea …


Francesco Ceravolo

Co-Founder, iOS Architect

Raised and graduated in Computer Engineering in Bologna, in recent years he lives and makes his works in Florence.

Curious and attentive to new technologies, always prone to new challenges, he has approached the world of mobile applications since he started working, turning the bet of the moment into a full-time job.

His strong determination, his attention and scrupulous care for the details, lead him to always think big. Nothing is left to chance: every work must have a well-defined structure and logic, often complex but at the same time be clean and simple for those who must use it.

He loves travelling and collecting ideas and news around the world thanks, above all, to the contact with the  nature and the silence of boundless landscapes, where he can let his thoughts run free.

Among his dreams, the one of being a director and also writing a book, leaving a tangible sign of his passage in the world.

Umberto Marini

Co-Founder, Android Architect

Umberto lives and works in Bologna, a charming city of Emilia (Northern Italy) where he moved to graduate in Internet Science.

He was born and raised in Sardinia, a wonderful land that he loves infinitely. He puts the same dedication that he leads to its origins to the study of new technologies and the development of Android applications that are meant to be a way to improve the users’ lives. He is passionate about UX/UI design and photography.

If not developing, you could meet Umberto on a basketball field, traveling around the beautiful cities of Italy or looking for new food and wine tastes, sitting at a table of a good restaurant and eating like there’s no tomorrow.