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ITCares‘ mission is to develop innovative and user-friendly “mobile” applications and web portals to improve the user’s quality of life.
This innovative start-up may rely on the skills of people experts in accessibility and sensitive to the needs of the disabled, especially blind and partially sighted people.
A significant social impact, tangible utility and information democracy are the main characteristics of each project.

Our skills

We design innovative and easy to use tools to improve the lives of people who use them.

Web and Mobile applications

ITCares specializes in the creation of web portals, Android and iOS mobile solutions, for both B2C and B2B scenarios.


ITCares’ team is made of people who care for the needs of disabled people.
Our solutions are designed to be used by everyone.


ITCares uses new technologies to create products that are easy to use and useful for end users.
Innovation is the cornerstone of our company vision.

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