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    PharoSuite for your museum, theatre, gallery and more!

Create your app

completely on your own

Imagine being able to create your own App yourself.

Imagine informing your visitors about the works on your museum.

Imagine quickly publishing the contents for the exhibitions in your city.

Imagine being able to improve the accessibility of a hospital, a park, your hotel and any other place of interest to people with visual impairments.

Imagine quickly updating and publishing your restaurant’s menu in any language you wish.

All you need is PharoSuite

It provides you with easy-to-use tools to assist and help you in every phase of creating and managing your App. You do not need special technical knowledge, it saves you long development time and exhausting negotiations on expensive quotes.


Your imagination is going to be the only limit.

Take advantage of the power of our ecosystem of tools


Create your virtual installation in a few clicks. Insert and manage the content in real time in a simple and immediate way. Make your business information available in multiple languages.
Everything conveniently done by using your browser, on your PC, through our Console.


Through our dedicated iPad Configurator app, you’ll be able to place your content on the map and use the location system that best suits for your installation (GPS for outdoor environments, iBeacon or QRCode for indoor environments).


Preview the final application through the Previewer, available for iPhone and iPad. As soon as you are ready, click on publish and make your information available to your users.


You’ll get a native mobile app, for Android and iOS systems, with an intuitive and captivating design, using which you can advertise your business in a way that is accessible to any type of user.

Ecosystem of tools

PharoSuite is a set of easy-to-use tools that hides the high complexity required when configuring your installation. They allow you to configure and manage content completely on your own, using highly innovative technologies for which specific technical knowledge is usually required.

Multi-platform apps

You’ll get a mobile application dedicated for Android and iOS systems. You will thus be able to reach a very wide public while containing your business costs.

Dynamic content

Do you need to add new content, do you need to hide some information about something which is temporarily unavailable, would you like to translate your app into a new language? You can do it in a few minutes and, immediately, all your users will see the update on their app.

Multimedia content

Enhance your content with images, audio files, videos, structured texts and much more.

Informative richness of content

Unlike traditional systems that allow the insertion of a few predefined fields (a title, a description, a limited number of images), PharoSuite has a high degree of configurability. You can put in your content all the information that the chosen template allows for your installation and if what you have does not satisfy you, contact us. We will be glad to meet your request in a very short time.


Add all the translations you deem necessary to make your business known to the whole world: a multilingual app is always more successful!

Location aware content

Choose the location system that best suits your installation. You will the be able to offer your users contextual information based on their position. For outdoor environments you can take advantage of the traditional GPS support, while indoors you can take advantage of short-range technologies such as iBeacon. Do not worry, you do not need special technical knowledge. You will have our team assisting during the whole system configuration phase.

Offline mode

Isn’t your installation reached by a reliable internet connection? No problem. The Android and iOS apps have been designed to synchronize the content and store it on the device in use, so as to work even in contexts where no or limited internet connection is available.


Many of the apps on the market do not care about making their content accessible to people with visual impairments. This is often due to the lack of usage of native components, replaced by solutions which do not interface well with the assistive technologies made available on Android and iOS systems. Our experience in the field of accessibility and our specially designed system for this purpose guarantees an information democracy for every user.

Remote assistance

Are you facing any issues with the configuration or management of your installation? Contact us and we will remotely provide you with the prompt assistance.


We are constantly working to offer you new features and have the latest technologies available on the market embedded in PharoSuite.

Reduced costs

No costs for managing and maintaining your devices. No dedicated hardware is required as for traditional audio guides: each single user can use his own personal device and enjoy your content.
You can choose the subscription model that best suits for you. We will adapt the service according to your needs.

Full service

Do you think PharoSuite is the right system for your business but you don’t have time to spend on its configuration and management? Contact us, we have a solution for this too.