• ViaOpta Nav

    An application for normal life

An accessible navigator

A multi tool application that can help blind or visually impaired people in their everyday life.

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Simple and accessible user interfaces for an immediate use of the features provided by the app.

Dedicated information

Besides the normal driving directions it gives useful information to people with visual impairments such as crossings, pedestrian crossings, floor platforms, sound traffic lights and much more.


Set the route to the desired point and the intermediate poi’s. ViaOpta Nav will guide you to your destination by announcing directions and intersections along the way

Where am I

You can know exactly where you are any time you wish, save your position and explore nearby points of interest.


Save your favorite places to easily find them through the dedicated section.


Explore nearby points of interest, use the phone as a compass and find out what is in every direction (restaurants, services, pedestrian crossings, ATMs, hospitals, bus stops and many other services).

Remote control

You can keep the phone in your pocket and request your position at any time by simply using the earphones buttons.


From version 2.0 ViaOpta Nav is also available on Android and iOS smartwatches.


Translated in 18 languages, it is available on the 5 continent stores.

Accessible navigator

Unlike traditional navigators, it collects and processes data from different sources, collecting useful information for people with visual impairment (e.g. pedestrian crossings with sound signals, tactile paths, …) in order to provide the most complete navigation experience and allow people to move more independently.

With ViaOpta Nav you can set a route (also with intermediate points) and be alerted about next intersections along the way.

At any time you can get your position, even keeping your smartphone in your pocket and controlling it through your earphones.

By using the “around” feature you can explore shops, services, bus stops, pedestrian crossings, hospitals, banks, etc. around you. Direct the phone to find out the points of interest in each direction.



The app is currently translated into many languages ​​and used all over the world.

It was very successful in the visually impaired community and in 2014 was awarded in the “Mobile Communications and Social Apps” category of the European Excellence Awards in Paris.