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Our Company

ITCares is a Startup born from the union of experts in the field of mobile applications and accessibility experts attentive to the needs of disabled people, with particular attention to visually impaired and blind people.

What We Do

Our mission is to help creating a more accessible world. Our apps aim to... ...improve the lives of our users ... have tangible utility and strong social impact ... be easy to use and quality

Mobile apps + disabled = ITCares
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Our idea: an app for everything and everyone

  • Low cost: for all budgets
  • Quality: work well and be appreciated
  • Easiness: In making (no technical knowledge required), in use (immediate and intuitive)
  • For everyone: multilingual and accessible to disabled people

Our values

Mobile Apps

We have been making mobile apps for almost a decade, since they existed. We strongly believe in the quality and efficiency of 100% native apps, written respectively in Objective-C and Swift for iOS (Apple) and in Java and Kotlin for Android (Google). Hybrid development is not for us. We care for quality, efficiency and accessibility that can only be provided by using native development. That's why our apps are often graphically different on the iOS and Android versions. We try to make the most from the characteristics and peculiarity of the platforms and give the user the best user experience.


Products built with our system can be used by disabled people, e.g. visually impaired or blind, the same way other people do, by using the assistive technologies (screen reader, magnification, etc.). Our team is made up of experts in the field of accessibility internationally awarded. Our goal is building apps for everyone, neither for disabled people only, nor for the others. We design apps with accessibility in mind from the early stage of the processes.


Quality above all. We do our best to only launch high quality apps on the market make. Saving in quality means having unsatisfied customers and users. We take every jobs seriously and if there are no conditions for an excellent result, we'd rather not take it

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