Mobile applications

State of the art and PharoSuite

Smartphones and apps have changed our habits

Nowadays the smartphone is the most used tool in every circumstance of everyday life, as it provides a simple and fast access to any kind of information. The apps have therefore become the main option to find information and enjoy anything that surrounds us. That situation has led many institutions, museums and, more generally, organizations in that field, to have one. Apps are a great showcase for conveying your business, but today it is no longer enough to just have an app. It must be useful and quality to be appreciated and used

Apps on the market

Solutions currently on the market have some intrinsic downside, including:

  • high development costs
  • long development times
  • costs form maintenance
  • low quality (e.g. they are web pages displayed inside a fake "container app")
  • low accessibility to disabled people.

  • These solutions are also often not designed to accommodate the needs of an increasingly demanding public and, above all, to be adaptive and dynamic with respect to the information that the institution wish to communicate to its users.

    Ad hoc apps

    Require months of development and budgets of several tens of thousands euros and are within the reach of a few.

    Low cost apps

    Poor quality apps that often prove to be counterproductive in terms of prestige of a company. The public do not appreciate and use them and it might be even better not to have them at all.

    Apps and Innovation

    To overcome the limitations of today's solutions, ITCares developed the PharoSuite innovative system that allows anyone, in a few simple steps and with the aid of easy-to-use tools, to manage their mobile applications... It might seem strange to talk about apps and innovation today, in fact there is innovation:

  • of product: high quality, if compared to many competitor apps on the market
  • of process: anyone can create and manage their own app (without any technical knowledge)
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