Let's build a more accessible world!

Building an accessible system means making sure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, of their technological skills or equipment can use that system. Accessibile software is not for disabled. It is for everyone! At ITCares we care for accessibility and we have a very long-time experience in that field. We've been working with blind and low vision people for more than 15 years and deeply know the way disabled people access information and use electronic devices. Software accessibility, particularly mobile software accessibility, doesn't just mean putting alternative text on graphics and images, it means taking into considerations a lot of issues, such as logical reading orders, reachability of the element of the user interface without direct touch, proper handling of gestures, supporting different font size, contrasts and many more other techniques that needs adopting. Before and after the software development, disabled end users are involved in the user interface design and thorough testing. Our technical skills and knowledge on user interface accessibility will lead to the construction of a truly usable and engaging system for disabled people.

ViaOpta Nav

ViaOpta Nav is one of our apps sponsored by Novartis Pharma. Developed for mobile device (iOS and Android) and also developed as a companion app for Android Wear and Apple Watch devices allows the user to get information about their position and their surroundings in every situation and every screen of the app, search for a specific destination or choose a point among their favorite's archive and get turn by turn directions to it. This app is specifically aimed to blind and low vision people to help them in their daily mobility tasks and, besides a very simple user interface, has some specific features as required by the use case, but in general, as said before, every app can be accessible to everyone, without the need to give up a beautiful and elegant user interface (see other apps on the Portfolio section). The app was translated in 18 languages, it is available on the 5 continent stores and was awarded a prize at the European Excellence Awards in 2014, in Paris. More information can be found in the portfolio section (see button below).