PharoSuite presentation (Italian)

Pharo Suite

Everyone would like to have an app, but ... ... who can afford it ??? Nowadays, if you need an app to promote your business, to guide visitors inside your museum, to provide mobile information to users inside a hospital, fair, park, hotel,. .. you can have it developed by a specialized agency, but that requires large investments in terms of time and money, or you can opt for low-cost solutions which, however, produce low-quality apps (typically hybrid) that your public may not appreciate and may prove as counterproductive in terms of prestige for your company.

To overcome these downsides, we developed the PharoSuite innovative system

Low cost

for all budgets


work well and be appreciated


  • in making: no technical knowledge required
  • in use: immediate and intuitive
  • For everyone

  • multilingual: for all nationalities
  • accessible: disabled user, e.g. visually impaired or blind, can use it with assistive technologies (screen reader, magnification, etc.)
  • Useful

    An added value for everyone and a more sustainable investment

    PharoSuite: all the tools at a glance

    An app created on your own

    A dedicated app can be created autonomously and without any technical knowledge, with reduced times and costs

    Accessible to everyone

    Every user, regardless of their language, device, physical, sensory, cognitive disability, can effectively access the information

    A dedicated tool for each phase

    You can build and manage your native app with PharoSuite, a system which provides tools that hide all the complexity involved in the development of apps with advanced features such as ours. Our smart tools make the hard work for you. PharoConsole: to enter and manage pieces of content PharoConfigurator: to create interactive maps PharoPreviewer: to preview your changes

    Pharo Console


    App creation and management in a few clicks

    • Enter contents, with descriptions, images, audio, video, pdf, link etc.
    • Create the app in multiple languages ​​and manage translations by using the tool
    • Publish events and send notifications to users.

    Everything through your web browser.


    Create interactive maps, position artworks and draw areas in just a few taps. Manage the location system through beacons, in order to provide users with information on artworks close to their position. Available for iPad on the App Store.



    Final application simulator. By letting you preview your changes in real time, it allows a check before the final publication to end users. Available on the App Store and Play Store.


    The final app you build ready to be used by your customers!

    Smart and intuitive

    Quick interaction to find artworks of interest and discover their tips


    Quick and easy addition of new languages


    All features are available without an internet connection. Download the app and choose your language, you don't need anything else


    See the photos, read the information, listen to the audios and learn everything about the contents you are looking for

    For everyone

    Our apps are for everyone regardless of their disabilities


    100% native Android and iOS For smartphone and tablet

    Remotely configurable

    Dynamic and remotely configurable, with intuitive design and smart interaction

    Smart features

    Suggestion of nearby contents with indoor location (iBeacon technology) Image recognition “Hands free” mode, with earphone control


    Our apps are accessible to everyone

    Creating a usable and accessible system for everyone means:

    • moral commitment and public appreciation
    • adherence to the law
    • expansion of market / number of users
    • more immediate and usable interface for everyone (disabled, elderly, etc.)
    Is PharoSuite the right tool for your business?