Aboca Museum

The Aboca Museum App will take you on a journey through the ages: the historical and philosophical tour “Herbs and Health through the Ages” will guide you on a journey of discovery, amongst precious artefacts and the reconstruction of ancient workshops, into the secrets of medicinal plant preparation. It is a trip through the past, present and future that is continued in the interactive Aboca Experience, a new way to learn about the world of Aboca. Five rooms and a host of multimedia displays that allow you to explore scientific innovation, human health and environmental sustainability.

Images, audio and interesting facts: put on your headphones or put the handset to your ear and start a journey of discovery into the world of medicinal plants that blends tradition and innovation.

Learn about the rooms and the exhibits they contain: scan them with your camera and access the available content immediately.

The Aboca Museum App is for everyone, it can be used by the sighted and visually impaired in the same way.

Smart interaction

Discover contents through the exploration page and find them grouped by position or route. Use textual research to find them typing the title or type. Add contents to your favorite collection to find them quickly.

Image, Audio, Details

Wear headphones or bring your phone to your ear and let yourself be guided by narrations. Look at the images or discover the details of the contents to better appreciate them.


Recognize contents by framing QR-Codes placed near them with your camera. You'll be able to immediately access the corresponding information.

Interactive maps

Check the position of contents to better move around and locate yourself. Find rooms and curiosity and explore each detail.


Can use all features without internet connection. Download the app and choose you language, you don't need anything else.


Art belongs to everyone. Accessibility is one of the issues we most cherish. This app can be used the same way by sighted people and people with visual impairments: nobody shall be left behind!

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