BOforAll was born thanks to the European Project named “Rock”, in order to provide customized and differentiated routes to the visitors with disabilities.

The information collected in this app comes from the U-area for all co-design process, as part of the ROCK European project, funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, with the aim of promoting the accessibility to the cultural heritage of the University area of the city ​​Bologna.

The project went far beyond its initial accessibility objectives and became an app that tourists and citizens can use to know more about the most important monuments and places of the city.

BOforAll was created with the utmost attention to the usability and accessibility of the user interface.

The descriptions themselves are the result of a long work carried out within the ROCK project which aimed to make them as accessible, effective and simple as possible.

BOforAll provides in-depth information from the University Museum System, the National Picture Gallery of Bologna, the Bologna Museums Institution (in particular the Archaeological Museum, the Medieval Museum and the Municipal Art Collections) and other institutions that enrich the immense cultural heritage of the centre of Bologna. The descriptions of each point of interest contain useful information for people with specific needs with particular attention to visual, hearing and motor disabilities. By using BOforAll you can look at the pictures, watch the sign language videos and get to know the insights of each monuments. You can choose from the suggested routes according to your interests and skills and let yourself be guided whenever you are close to a point of interest or a place where suggestions are available. BOforAll is not meant to be a tool for a few, but to become a guide for everyone: the Design For All is the right mean to social inclusion.

Routes and navigation

Choose the path that best suits your needs or disabilities and be guided by the GPS navigator to discover the city

Smart interaction

Discover points of interest through the exploration page and find them grouped by common features. Use textual research to find them by typing the title. Add poi's to your favorite collection to find them quickly.

Image, Audio, Details

Wear headphones or bring your phone to your ear and let yourself be guided by narrations. Look at the images or discover the details of the poi's to better appreciate them.


The app user interface is accessible to people with disabilities: blind and partially sighted will be able to use technologies such as screen readers, magnifiers, enlarged fonts, deaf people will find sign language videos. In addition, different routes are provided that users can choose according to their abilities.

Interactive maps

Check the position of point of interests to better move around and locate yourself on the map. Choose your point of interest and explore each detail.


All the features can be accessed without an internet connection. Download the app and choose your language. Nothing else is needed. Just keep the GPS active if you wish to receive notification on nearby poi's or follow a specific route.

Rating and reviews


Press review

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BoforAll: l'app accessibile per scoprire il patrimonio culturale sotto le Torri

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BoForAll: An app to guarantee universal access to cultural heritage

Mappe tattili per non vedenti in piazza della Mercanzia

Mappe tattitli in piazza della Mercanzia per rendere accessibile il patrimonio artistico e culturale della città anche per le persone non vedenti o ipovedenti. Le mappe si integrano con l'esperienza multimediale di BOforAll

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A Bologna arte e cultura più accessibili con BOforAll

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Bologna città accessibile, un’app e una mappa tattile per persone con disabilità visiva

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BOforAll: l’app accessibile per il patrimonio culturale di Bologna


BoforAll e Cultura, il sogno dell’inclusione è realtà
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